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Seva Kunj & Nidhi Ban in Vrindavan

Nidhivan is one of the most significant and popular temples of Vrindavan. It is termed as MADHUVAN also. Swami Haridasa, a divine saint who was the very cause of appearance (advent) or PRAKATTYA of Lord BANKEY BIHARI at this renowned Nidhivana, used to please his PRIYA- PRIYATAM. Lord (Thakur) Bankey Bihari by pouring the melodious rapture of his thrilling music in the periphery of this spiritual temple. It is surrounded with the small-sized trees. So to say, it is a spiritually blessed temple where spontaneous overflow of devotion and penance flows every time. As a result of swami Haridasa's hard penance and spiritual aspiration, Lord Bankey Bihari not only came in his dream but appeared also in this spiritually blessed Nidhivan. The appearance (PRAKATTYA) spot of the Lord Bankey Bihari in Nidhivan temple is seen even nero. Thousands of pilgrims and visitors visit it during the day. It is closed after the process of ARTI at 8p.m. (Arti is a kind of vespers).A very mysterious conception is associated with this temple i.e. after the sacred process of ARTI, not only human beings, but any kind of single animal also can't remain in the periphery of this temple. In case anyone remains during night in the compass of the temple, either he / she becomes dumb, deaf, blind, lame or dies. He/she is not found hale and hearty in the morning to disclose the spiritual secret of the lord Radha-Krishna, as it is said even now that the priest puts two toothbrushes, some holy water in a jug with four sweets (LADDOO) and ready bed after Arti in the night, but in the morning everything is found and seen as if someone has used it because everything is found at sixes and sevens. It proves that Lord Radha Krishna who are known as PRIYA-PRIYATAM, they appear in the night to perform their spiritual activities (Lilas).


Pagal Baba Temple was built by the Late Pagal Baba as he was fondly known by his followers. A positive vibe runs throughout the temple which is reminiscent of the spirit of its creator.Pagal Baba Temple is an important piece of modern architecture. This imposing gleaming white structure is one of the main temples in Vrindavan. You can have a good look of the city from the top floor. The temple is famous for its puppet exhibition in the ground floor. The puppets play act scenes from the two great Epics if India, Mahabharata and Ramayana. Outside the temple you will find many shops selling devotional items like flowers, incense stick and dresses for idol. The temple is decorated by the followers of Pagal Baba during Holi and Janmashthami.

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