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Shahji Temple in Vrindavan

The temple is also known as the Shahji temple, Tera Kamba (twisted pillars) temple and the Saha Bihari Lal Temple.It is known as the twisted pillars temple, because the pillars in this temple are made of beautiful white twisted marble. This is a very artistic temple. It is made of the highest quality white marble. This temple was built in 1835 by the brothers: Shah Kundan Lall and Shah Fundan Lall..


When the founders of this temple died, they did not want anyone to carry their bodies on their shoulders, so they arranged that their bodies were dragged through the dust of Vrindavana. They also did not want their bodies burned, because the smoke of the burning bodies would leave the Braja area. Also if their ashes were thrown in the Yamuna, they would eventually be carried by the Yamuna out of Braja. The samadhis of the two brothers who established this temple are on either side of the temple, near the entrance. These two brothers had pictures of themselves engraved on the floor of the temple, near the entrance. This was so people would walk on them, when they entered the temple, and put the dust of Vrindavana on them.In this temple is the very impressive Durbar Hall of Radha-Raman, called the Vasanti Kamra room. This room is known at the yellow room, because it has a completely yellow decor. There are various beautiful Belgium chandeliers in this hall. It is opened only twice a year: two days during Vasant Panchami and for the two days before Balarama’s Appearance Day, during the Jhulan Yatra swing festival. The Deities of the temple are brought to this room at these times. On these days, thousands of people visit this temple.

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